Perri's Plates brings a passion for cooking and entertaining into your home with fresh and innovative fare. We believe that the most delicious food begins with the freshest ingredients. To us, 'what grows together, goes together' and we constantly strive to locate the best local and seasonal products for our clients. Together, we encompass a myriad of culinary and cultural experience which enables us to create delectable hors d'oeuvres, entrees and desserts.

Perri's Plates helps friends and families come together one meal at a time: all you need to do is invite the guests!

meal delivery

(mēl • di-'li-v(ə-)rē)

Weekly event in which your fridge is stocked with nourishing plates to be mixed and matched throughout the week. read more...

personal chef

(pərs-nəl • 'shef)

Wherein your house is filled with amazing aromas and you and your guests are served a delicious, wholesome meal. read more...

cocktail party

(käk-,tāl • 'pär-tē)

Wherein our seasoned chefs and servers will blow your guests away with delectable bites and top notch service. read more...